This 30 minute class is for our 3 and 4 year old beginners.  Students will be introduced to the wonder of dance through engaging songs, games, and props.  Focus will be on fun while building gross motor skills and learning beginning Ballet basics such as the 5 positions, plié, tendu, passé, relevé, and chassé.



This 45 minute class is for our 5 and 6 year old beginners.  This class consists of 30 minutes of Ballet time where students will learn through engaging songs, games, and props while expanding on the Ballet basics introduced in Baby Ballerinas. Memory skills will be honed as basic terminology and step combinations are introduced. 

15 minutes of introductory Tap will be added to this class to further enhance the skill base of these budding performers.  Students will learn basic steps through rhythm work and fun, upbeat music.



This 1 hour class is for 6 to 10 year old students with little or no dance experience. The class consists of 30 minutes Ballet and 30 minutes Jazz.
Focus will be on introductory Ballet technique, skills, and terminology.  Students will be guided through a stretch and warm-up, basic barre and center floor work, and begin working on traveling skills down the floor.
Jazz will focus on introducing basic skills with an emphasis on beginning to build flexibility, working on musicality, and understanding stylization.



This 90 minute class is for our 6 to 8 year old dancers with previous dance experience.  Students will receive 45 minutes of Ballet and 45 minutes of Jazz each week.  Ballet will move from introduction of basics to a more structured approach to proper technique.  Students will be guided through a combination of barre work, center floor work, and across the floor progressions.

Jazz will guide students through an upbeat stretch and isolations warm-up with a focus on beginning to build strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Jazz skills will be taught through a combination of center floor work and across the floor progressions.



These 2 hour classes consist of 1 hour Ballet and 1 hour Lyrical/Jazz. 

Students are trained in Classical Ballet through a combination of barre work, center floor work, and across the floor progressions.  Particular focus is on correct terminology and understanding body mechanics/basic anatomy and physiology in relation to achieving proper technique.

Combined Lyrical and Jazz technique is taught through Pilates and Yoga based conditioning work for continuing strength, agility, and flexibility. Center floor work and across the floor progressions build balance, control, and consistency with a focus on turns, jumps, and extensions. 

**Level placement is determined by age/dance experience and is at the teacher's discretion.**



Pointe work advances Classical Ballet technique to fully supporting the body on the tips of the toes in Pointe shoes.  This requires increased strength and development in the feet, ankles, and legs as well as a strong and engaged core. Pointe is not for beginning dancers.

**Pointe is incorporated into our Level 4 and 5 Technique classes for those ready to aquire and work in Pointe shoes **



Classes are available for dancers 6 years old and up. Students will be engaged in fun, high energy, challenging choreography and gain exposure to various styles within the Hip Hop genre such as Krump, Tutting, and Afrobeats.

**Our Hip Hop music and choreography is always age appropriate and family friendly!**



Currently offered as private lessons for dancers 6 years old and up.  Curriculum will be based on the individual student's experience and level of ability.



This is a class for beginning students ages 12 and up.  Focus will be on building confidence while learning the very basics in Jazz and Lyrical technique.  Students will be guided through a stretch and warm-up, learn introductory skills center floor, and move to progressive step combinations as skills grow.  Older beginners will feel comfortable in this relaxed and recreational level class.



This is a relaxed and no pressure class for adults of all levels looking to move and groove to improve their overall fitness.  Students will be guided through a stretch and warm-up, light conditioning, and a cardio dance combination.  Styles/themes of dance may vary each week to include Jazz-based, Hip Hop/90s hits, Latin flare, Country Line Dancing, Afro-beats, etc.  The goal is to keep the heart rates up and have fun doing it!