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Our Classes

BMDA offers a variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced staff are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential. We value learning, growing, hard work, and fun! Browse our class descriptions below to find the best fit for your child.

Fall Classes: Classes

Mini Movers 

This 30 minute class is for our 3 and 4 year old beginners.  Students will be introduced to the wonder of dance through conceptual learning using engaging songs, games, and props.  Focus will be on fun while building gross motor skills and learning beginning basics.

Twinkle Tots Tumbling

This class for ages 3-5 will begin to build basic skills through fun and engaging activities that are developmentally appropriate for this age group.  Flexibility, balance, agility, and proper form will be the focus of this beginning level class.

 Petite Performers

This 45 minute class is for our 5 and 6 year old beginners.  This class consists of 30 minutes of Ballet where students will learn dance concepts through engaging songs, games, and props while expanding on the basics introduced in Mini Movers. Memory skills will be honed as basic terminology and step combinations are introduced. 

15 minutes of introductory Tap will be added to this class to further enhance the skill base of these budding performers.  Students will learn basic steps through rhythm work and fun, upbeat music.

BMDA Starlets Cheer Dance

Let's Go, BMDA! Let's Go! This exciting new class offering is sure to entice your 6-10 year old budding cheerleader!  This class will give those hoping to eventually join school teams a taste of the sport and a head start on skills!
Students will learn sideline cheers, jumps, pom style mini routines, and begin stunting basics (safely!). Show your spirit and join today! Taught by a current high school cheer team captain! 

Rising Stars

For 7 to 10 year old students with little or no experience who are excited to begin dance!  

Ballet focus will be on introductory technique, skills, and terminology using fun and engaging methods. 

Jazz will focus on introducing basic skills with an emphasis on beginning to build flexibility, working on musicality, and understanding stylization.

Little Glimmers Lyrical

Lyrical is a favorite style among many dancers. It is very popular in the dance world and competitive arena.  Lyrical tells the story of music through expressive choreography.  It is a fusion style and pulls from technique in classical Ballet and Jazz.  When aspiring young dancers say "I want to do THAT", it is often a routine in this style. 
This class will introduce young dancers, 7-10 years of age, to the beauty of lyrical and story telling through basic technique, floor work, and improv. 

Tip Top Tappers

This is a 45 minute class for 7-11 year old students with little or no previous tap experience.  This style is solely based on using tap shoes to make sounds on the floor as a form of percussion.  Students will focus on beginning rhythm work, musicality, and technique to make clear, crisp sounds.

**Tap is also offered on an individual basis for older and/or more experienced dancers. Classes are tailored to the individual student's experience level. Contact us for further information**

Tumbling SuperNovas

This is a beginning tumbling class for ages 6-10.  Focus will be on flexibility, balance, agility, and proper form.  Students will be taken through a regiment of stretching, conditioning, and strength building exercises to allow adequate execution of progressing tumbling skills.  

Hip Hop

Classes are available for dancers 4 years old and up. Students will be engaged in fun, high energy, challenging choreography and gain exposure to various styles within the Hip Hop genre. And rest assured, our Hip Hop music and choreography is always age appropriate and family friendly!

Lil' Legends- 4 to 6 years old

Kickin' Kidz- 7 to 11 years old

Intensified Teens-  12 years old and up

First Step Teens

For dancers 11 and up with little or no previous dance experience.

Focus will be on building confidence while learning the very basics in Jazz and Lyrical techniques.  Students will be guided through a stretch and warm-up, learn introductory skills center floor, and move to progressive step combinations as skills grow.  Older beginners will feel comfortable in this relaxed and recreational level class.

Shooting Stars

For 8 to 11 year old dancers with at least 3-4 years of previous dance experience. 

Ballet will focus on classic training through a combination of barre work, center floor work, and across the floor progressions.  Particular focus is on correct terminology and understanding body mechanics/basic anatomy and physiology in relation to achieving proper technique.

Jazz technique is taught through basic conditioning work for continuing strength, agility, and flexibility. Center floor work and across the floor progressions build balance, control, and consistency with a focus on turns, jumps, and extensions. 

Elite Stars

For dancers ages 12 and up with significant previous dance experience. 

Ballet continues to progress the student's knowledge of Classical Ballet through barre work, center, and across the floor exercises. Focus is on fine tuning the various elements of proper technique and alignment. Students dive deeper into Ballet terminology, the various methods, and physiology as it relates to the body mechanics used in dance.

Lyrical/Jazz progresses the student's technique in these styles through Yoga and Pilates based conditioning to further their strength, flexibility, and agility. Various turns, jumps, and down the floor progressions will be introduced and perfected to broaden the dancer's skill set. Choreography will focus on building emotive expression and stylization. 

Pointe work advances Classical Ballet technique to fully supporting the body on the tips of the toes in Pointe shoes.  This requires increased strength and development in the feet, ankles, and legs as well as a strong and engaged core. **Pointe is by teacher approval only**

Private Lessons

Sessions are available for supplemental technique work, targeted skills, special occasions, etc.  Contact us to schedule. 

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